Energy Storage for a Sustainable Energy System – Interview with Dr. Matthias Vetter

It is necessary to develop efficient and cost-effective forms of energy storage for the future energy system, so that the final demand for electricity, heat, cooling energy or mechanical energy can be met optimally. Fraunhofer ISE has been active for several decades in many diverse research areas: from chemical storage based on hydrogen and electrochemical storage such as lithium-ion batteries to thermal storage for cold and heat. Dr. Matthias Vetter, head of department Electrical Energy Storage, has given Innovation4E an insight into the above-named research areas.

The VDE institute organizes a series of talks and discussions in the field of Financial Dialogue for Storage Technologies at the conference Energy Storage Europe in Düsseldorf (16.03.2017). Participants amongst others: Matthias Vetter.

Innovation 4E

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