E for Energy Provision

At Fraunhofer ISE our research in energy provision that is, utilizing renewable energy sources, focuses on increasing the efficiency and optimizing the costs of solar energy systems – both photovoltaics and solar thermal. In the field of photovoltaics, our main emphasis is on silicon photovoltaics. Additionally we carry out research on III-V and concentrator photovoltaics as well as on novel photovoltaic technologies such as organic, dye and perovskite solar cells. Both module technology and the quality assurance of photovoltaic power plants also hold a central position in our research portfolio.

Besides energy efficiency, solar thermal energy plays a vital part in restructuring the heat sector for the energy transformation. Here Fraunhofer ISE investigates different materials and optics and develops thermal collectors and components as well as system technology. Not least, thermal storage systems are important for power plants and industry. Solar-powered desalination systems also are included in this area.

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