Auf einen Espresso mit Christian Honecker

Episode 01: An Espresso with…
Dr. Christian Honeker

Folge 01: Auf einen Espresso mit... Dr. Christian Honeker

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In our series “An Espresso with …” we regularly carry out interviews with engaging people from the field of renewable energy. In this first episode, we met with Christian Honeker, Ph. D., Senior Technical Staff, PV Technologies at Fraunhofer CSE. The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE is the daughter institute of Fraunhofer ISE and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. In the context of the recent US elections, it is interesting to hear what Dr. Honeker would do if he were the US Secretary of Energy or why “Plug and Play” was the most exciting project of his career up to now …

The interview was conducted by: Simone Ringelstein | Redaktion: Innovation4E | Fraunhofer ISE

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